Bennett’s Curse Haunted House-

10 Terrifying Haunted Attractions you should visit!


Bennett’s Curse


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Bennett’s Curse Haunted House -10 Terrifying Haunted Attractions you should visit

Where: 7875A Eastpoint Mall, Baltimore, MD 21224

When: Sept. 26-Nov. 4

Want a haunt that gets medieval on you? Bennett’s Curse will thrust you into a world of bloodsucking warriors, animatronic monsters, and enough gargoyles, demons, and gothic nasties to keep any Dungeons & Dragons fan happy for weeks.

The festivities kick off in the Medieval Underworld, where a battle between vampires and demons set to a heavy metal soundtrack rages on. (The actors have been known to don real armor instead of dopey plastic or styrofoam.) Visitors then take a hellish trip through Inferno 3D–which, as the name suggests, is a three-dimensional recreation of Dante’s Inferno. The ordeal culminates in the chaos of The Sanctuary of Insanity asylum. Be prepared to wander through torture chambers, feel your way through pitch black mazes, and squeeze through narrow passages where severed heads to butchered torsos dangle overhead.