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Ravenbrook Asylum


The former Sanctuary of Insanity has been closed, but in its place a new and more diabolical menace has emerged. As the community surrounding the Asylum grew, Dr. Nolan Taylor, along with his twin sister Bonnie and the rest of his demented staff set forth to create a more disturbing and efficient institution to continue their dreadful work. Partially built on to the former sanctuary but greatly expanding it, the new institution was named RAVENBROOK Asylum. The worst of the worst were sent here, to be forgotten and safe from the population, but like all things evil, it could not be contained for very long. Ravenbrook Asylum houses society’s most criminally insane patients but has experienced a complete collapse. An evil entity has made not only the patients even more disturbed, but the staff as well. Once you are officially committed, you will be “welcomed” to explore the actual halls of the asylum and come face to face with its many deranged inhabitants.

Ravenbrook Asylum will sure to be a fan favorite and could very well be our most disturbing show to date. Be one of the first to experience this chilling attraction and see if you make it out, mind intact.

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