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Legends of Halloween


Legend of Halloween returns with many new upgrades, Experience the ALL-NEW Raven’s Lair, The Bad Dolls, and much more!

Imagine walking through a world where everything you know and love about Halloween is brought to life, but in a pulse-pounding and fully immersive environment that is sure to thrill and terrify visitors. Introducing the newest show in our amazing line-up of attractions, Legends of Halloween is a frightful journey through the Halloween world itself! Filled with everything you’d expect to see in a classic Halloween setting, but with a horrific Bennett’s Curse twist. Wicked witches, giant spiders, classic monsters, mummies, werewolves,  a living forest, scarecrows, ghosts, a haunted cemetery, are just some of what you will encounter! A legend of Halloween is destined to be a classic and fan favorite!

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