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Halloween 3d

Thomas O’Leary was a strange boy. Growing up he obsessed over Halloween every day, all year long. Each year as Halloween day approached, he was consumed with passion and would often disappear for weeks at a time leading up to his favorite night, leaving not a trace of his whereabouts. Year after year, Thomas would disappear for weeks leading up to the end of October, but it wasn’t until locals started being reported as missing on Halloween nights did the local authorities start to question who might be behind these disappearances and if the strange and Halloween-obsessed Thomas had anything to do with it. Suspicious of his familiy tipping off the authorities, Thomas left his home for good and retreated to his favorite hidden spot, a small cabin beyond the woods of his town. But the woods and the environment leading to Thomas’ shack had been hideously transformed, no longer natural but had been warped and fashioned into a twisted world of disturbing Halloween wickedness. It was quickly realized that Thomas took his obsession over Halloween too far, and he was far beyond just being strange, he was extremely deranged and criminally insane taking lives to add to his macabre Halloween displays. He would claim the lives of anyone brave enough to enter his domain, and he especially enjoyed ensnaring the bravest local kids courageous enough to go out Trick-or-Treating to his shack. The locals named Thomas “The Carver”, as he was fond of carving up his victims like people carve pumpkins. The trees, bearing witness to unspeakable acts of evil, have themselves taking on an evil appearance. A pumpkin patch grows where once the pumpkins are carved into Jack-o-lanterns come alive and serve as lookouts for any hapless souls who approach, and macabre displays of the skulls and remains of victims are out on display as a warning to others. Venture forth, and experience the world of the mind of Thomas “The Carver” O’Leary and see if you can make it out alive.


This first-of-it’s-kind 3D haunted house is as groundbreaking as it is nostalgic! Possessing a late 70’s and 80’s vibe, this retro Halloween attraction conjures up memories of the excitement of classic Halloween from your childhood while still delivering the maximum fear that only the legendary Bennett’s Curse can deliver. Sure to be a fan favorite, Halloween 3D will be an instant classic and like with our prior themed 3D shows, we are proud to be the first to bring this theme into the world of immersive 3D! Can you survive The Carver?


Maryland and DC’s #1 Halloween Event! Locally owned and operated small family business since 2001. Bennett’s Curse Haunted Attraction in Baltimore county, Maryland, with it’s close proximity to Washington DC and southern Pennsylvania continues to dominate the Mid-Atlantic region from Philadelphia to Richmond and is renowned and highly respected in the haunted world.

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