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Coulrophobia-logo-2016_masterRavenbrook Asylum, long known for its ill-treatment of its patients has gained the heinous reputation for being the asylum that hosts the worst of the worst, those deemed unreachable by other facilities and experts. Instead of trying to help patients heal, they were purposely driven deeper into madness through various methods of torture and torment. In the furthest and darkest wing of the asylum, separated from the majority of patients lies what was named the “Coulrophobia Wing”. There, in the old caged cell rooms of the facility holds those patients that suffer from an irrational and violent fear of clowns, also known as extreme Coulrophobia. A constant flow of clown performers were purposely paraded in to “entertain” the patients, but the guests were totally unaware that they were hired not to entertain but to drive patients deeper into madness.  Filled with brutal killers and the most aggressive and tormented souls, they were constantly exposed to the clown guests until finally, the patients snapped. The patients went on a rampage and the visiting clowns were brutally mutilated and displayed as trophies at the entrance to the Courophobia Wing, but what happened next shocked even the Asylum staff and other patients long fearful of them. They discovered that because their fear and hatred of clowns was so great, that they wanted to make everyone who they encounter to experience their fear of clowns, to experience their own COULROPHOBIA. They harvested what they could from the corpses of the clown performers and the supplies the clowns brought in with them, and transformed themselves into a shocking combination of mostly asylum patient serial killers mixed with disturbing clown features.

New for 2017, Experience the all new added bonus show Coulrophobia and encounter the most terrifying array of refined killer clowns that is sure to be a game-changer in the world of Haunted House attractions.

(Disclaimer. for those that do suffer from Courophobia or are not up to attempting this new attraction, there are bypass doors that will allow you to skip this section of the attraction.)

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