UNDERWORLD 2016, featuring many all new scenes, new characters, and total sensory overload. The UNDERWORLD is where fear, panic, and nightmares reside!

The UNDERWORLD, the word itself strikes fear in the hearts of humanity. For in the UNDERWORLD, all that is evil, all that is corrupt, and all that is nightmarish resides. When Lucifer fell and took a third of the angels with him, it was the UNDERWORLD where he and his horde fell and would inhabit. In the world of the fiery abyss and total darkness there roamed creatures ranging from small to enormous. Demons, Vampires,  hideous monstrosities and evil men of a wicked and limitless imagination were borne. After centuries of exposure to the great portal connecting the world of the living and of the undead, a NEW UNDERWORLD has emerged and a fear beyond your wildest nightmares is ready to be unleashed on all those prepared to test their fate.

The UNMATCHED COLLECTION OF CREATURES FROM THE UNDERWORLD CONTUNIES TO SET US APART from any other Halloween attraction!  Now, an entire world of shocking and over-the-top creatures and environments unfold to take you deeper in to the vast underworld. This is the show that has made Bennett’s Curse a household name in the region, and a nationally recognized and highly rated Haunted House ranked amongst the very best.  Consistently rated as one of the best of the best in the cou on dozens of lists, and featured on many national TV programs.