Did you know?

An interesting “Did you know?” The demon welcoming guests into the horrors that await them inside Bennetts Curse was inspired by the ghoul on the famous sign welcoming thrill seekers to enter Castle Dracula in Wildwood, NJ. The legendary dark ride operated from 1977 to 2002. Castle Dracula made a powerful impact on the young Bennett brothers while vacationing with their family and they wanted to bring a bit of that nostalgia to Bennett’s Curse. One last bit of info, fans of the Hard Rock/Metal band Iron Maiden might notice  the Castle Dracula ghoul was inspired by “Eddie”, the long standing mascot of the band. #bennettscurse2019 #castledracula #wildwood #hauntedhouse #hauntedattraction #visitmaryland #eastpointmall #halloween #didyouknow #ironmaden