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If you’re looking for the Ultimate Haunted House experience this October, look no further because Bennett’s Curse Haunted House is a must see show for your Halloween Entertainment.

Bennett’s Curse Haunted Attraction in Baltimore, Maryland, with it’s close proximity to Washington DC continues to dominate the Mid-Atlantic  region from Philadelphia to Richmond and is renowned and highly respected in the haunted world. With our easily accessible location in our over 40,000 square foot facility, the Legendary Bennett’s curse boasts FOUR terrifying and UPDATED haunted houses now expanding beyond last year’s space and for 2016, introducing our all new bonus show COULROPHOBIA! Starting with the horrifically epic UNDERWORLD Haunted House, you must also survive the fan-favorite INFERNO 3D, experience the classic terror in LEGENDS OF HALLOWEEN and the NEW and shocking RAVENBROOK ASYLUM. New for 2016, GOT CLOWNS? Bennett’s Curse does in our ALL NEW BONUS show COULROPHOBIA. See our unique concept that’s sure to put all other clown themed shows to shame! Bennett’s Curse is an all-out assault to the senses, packing more film quality props, sets, characters, unique theming and an over the top collection of more giant monsters than any other attraction around. The UNDERWORLD HAUNTED HOUSE takes you on a journey through the darkest, most disturbing world of the abyss inhabited by a vast array of incredible monsters. UNDERWORLD is one of the most highly detailed and extremely terrifying Haunted Houses in the world. Guests will find themselves amidst diabolical instruments of torture, a labyrinth of dungeon cells, and the impressive remains of room after room of incredible monsters all set in a tightly themed medieval Underworld.

Inferno 3D is the best 3D attraction ever experienced in Maryland/DC, and we believe the world as well. Never before has an attraction such as INFERNO 3D been attempted. Enter through the Gateway of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and journey through the very circles of the famed and dreaded Inferno. This will be the closest to Hell you would hope to experience, as the punished souls are found within the walls of the circles such as Gluttony, Wrath and Anger, Greed, Heresy and more. This over-the-top spectacle is the show that everyone talks about!

Imagine walking through a world where everything you know and love about Halloween is brought to life, but in a pulse-pounding and fully immersive environment that is sure to thrill and terrify visitors. Receiving rave reviews in its debut last year, Legends of Halloween is back and even scarier and promises to take you on a more intense journey through the Halloween world itself! Filled with everything you’d expect to see in a classic Halloween setting, but with a horrific Bennett’s Curse twist. Wicked witches, giant spiders, classic monsters, mummies, werewolves,  a living forest, scarecrows, ghosts, a haunted  cemetery, and NEW SCENES are just some of what you will encounter!  Legends of Halloween is destined to continue to be a classic and fan favorite!


Introducing the all-new RAVENBROOK ASYLUM, where the inmates are running the asylum! The Institution that houses societies’ most criminally insane patients has experienced a complete collapse. Guests will encounter room after room filled with maniacal patients who have escaped to exact their revenge on the staff, and to anyone else courageous enough to enter. To enter Ravenbrook Asylum is crazy, to miss it would be INSANE!

All new Bonus Haunted House for 2016!!

COULROPHOBIA , or the fear of clowns has been known to effect some people in extreme ways, but in the secluded and inhospitable Coulrophobia wing housed at the dreaded Ravenbrook Asylum, EXTREME is an understatement. Common amongst many of the most brutal killers and most violent offenders housed in the asylum were discovered to suffer from extreme Coulrophobia. With constant exposure to hired costumed clown performers brought in to drive them even deeper into madness, it wasn’t long before the fragile minds of the patients snapped and a brutal rampage aimed at torturing and eliminating all clowns begun as they broke free from their cells. The evil could no longer be contained, and to spread their fear of clowns to whomever would enter their realm they decided they too would take on a more sinister clown look as they harvested what supplies they could from the clown corpses and their supplies brought in with them. NEW FOR 2016, experience COULROPHOBIA HAUNTED HOUSE, featuring a new breed of killer clowns that is sure to revolutionize the concept of clown themed haunted houses and sends guests running for their lives! This bonus show is NOT TO BE MISSED!

(For those that do suffer from Coulrophobia or if you are not able to handle this style of attraction, there will be exit doors prior to entry should you wish to skip this bonus portion of the attractions)

Bennett’s Curse has continued to be the first to introduce to its guest the latest and most cutting edge technology for their enjoyment, and their goal of revolutionizing the Haunted House industry in Maryland has made them a Halloween tradition in the region. With thousands of loyal fans demanding the best, Bennett’s Curse delivers year after year! Bennett’s Curse has been featured on the Travel Channel show “America’s Scariest Halloween Attractions 3”, and “Making Monsters” as well as the NFL Network. Consistently ranked by many sources as one of the best Halloween Attractions in the US, Bennett’s Curse has been selected for year after year as one of “America’s Best Haunts”, one of the “25 Must see Haunted Attractions” from Haunted Attraction Magazine, and one of the top 13 haunts by Hauntworld magazine, also an official selection as one of America Haunts, the scariest and most prominent Haunted Houses and Attractions in America, and many more.

Bennett’s Curse is a short ride from Washington DC, Delaware, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. Come, experience Bennett’s Curse for yourself, and see why it’s the best and the scariest Haunted House in the region!

Why Should you Visit Bennett’s Curse Haunted House ?

Come visit the largest Haunted House in the Mid-Atlantic, Bennett’s Curse Haunted House  is 40,000 sq ft of thrills.  Come experience Maryland’s Ultimate Haunted House with over 15 years of experience, Bennett’s Curse is always a blast. Don’t miss this amazing attraction, Bennett’s Curse Haunted House is the event everyone is talking about during the Halloween Season.  The Bennett’s passion for Halloween is undeniably expressed by the quality of the show!  The owner was born and raised right here in Baltimore, Maryland.  The haunted houses at Bennett’s Curse are over the top with dozens of the largest Monsters the industry has to offer. If you haven’t experienced Bennett’s Curse Haunted House you haven’t experienced Halloween entertainment at its best.  Bennett’s Curse is “Out of this World” amazing! Don’t miss Bennett’s Curse Haunted House in Baltimore, Maryland. See the difference for yourself.  Dollar for dollar other Halloween attractions just don’t compare to the quality thrilling entertainment  seen at Bennett’s Curse Haunted House. The Bennett’s Curse mission is to put Maryland on the Haunted House Map for Halloween and their national ranking proves they make it happen.  Rated #1 in the DMV by NBC Washington in 2015 Halloween has never been this much fun with friends, family and more.  Grab your friends and GET SCARED at Bennett’s Curse Haunted House. Groups always experience a night of fun at Bennett’s Curse Haunted House.  Award winning haunted house with amazing costumes, theming, details, sets, scenery, music, sound, lighting, actors and animation put Bennett’s Curse Haunted House over the top.   This is the year to attend Bennett’s Curse Haunted House in Baltimore, Maryland. Bennett’s Curse Haunted House puts you in the middle of an amazing adventure, a true interactive experience that will leave you wanting more.  The biggest, scariest haunted house in the Mid-Atlantic is Bennett’s Curse Haunted House.  By far the scariest, biggest and most honored Halloween tradition in the Maryland/ Washington DC area.  You have other haunted attractions choices, choose the best, choose Bennett’s Curse Haunted House.  Bennett’s Curse offers the best bang for your buck value in Maryland.  Bennett’s Curse is an all-out assault on your senses, bringing you even closer to your nightmares than you can find anywhere else.  The legendary Bennett’s Curse Haunted House continues to grow and dominate the region. If you haven’t been in a while, now is the time to face your fears.  Bennett’s Curse Haunted House proves one again that Not all nightmares happen while you’re sleeping.  Bennett’s Curse is an incredible haunted house that gives you an incredible experience with your friends, and best of all it offers an incredible value compared to other choices in the area.  Be a customer for life and possibly the afterlife.

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